There’s a saying in the Navajo language for anyone who walks with dignity and confidence: they are said to be ‘carrying their beauty’.

I think this is such a beautiful phrase. It makes the suggestion that dignity and confidence are to be recognised as indicators of beauty. I think this can be taken as something of a revelation in the era of the air-brushed selfie, the Instagram society we live in, where how we look is often judged over who we are and what we stand for.

I read a wonderful little book recently, ‘L’art de la Simplicité How to Live More With Less’ by Dominique Loreau, recently translated from the French bestseller, in which she talks about grace and beauty coming from inhabiting our bodies as we are.

This is something that at first seems obvious, and yet, it can be the hardest thing to achieve. So hard, in fact, that I’d say it has taken me most of my life so far to realise.

Since I found Yoga well over a decade ago, I have always come the closest to this ideal of finding beauty and grace when practising Yoga asana. Often, Yoga helps me to feel weightless, limitless, and perfect in the body I have.

This week’s pose, Dancer’s Pose, is one that makes me feel graceful and confident. To move into this pose, take your right foot to balance on first and send your breath down to that leg. Bend the knee of your left leg and grab the left foot with the left hand. Hold your right arm out front to help balance and form a circle with the thumb and forefinger. Start to lean your upper body forward, balancing on just the right leg. If you are comfortable in the balance, start to press the left foot against the left hand holding it, and move the foot away from the body slightly. Feel the grace and lightness as you inhale and exhale in this pose.

Come out of the pose gracefully and repeat on the other side of the body.

I hope this pose helps you to feel like flying as it does me!

Until next time,

Kate  x

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