The world is in a mess. There are many things to cause us to worry recently, and this isn’t the place to go into them. World politics, environmental disasters, poverty and displacement fill our TV screens and news sites, and it is all too easy to drift into depression and anxiety about issues seemingly out of our control.

I’m not here to suggest that Yoga can change any of these serious issues. But the truth is, it can change your inner world, and often, that can be half the battle.

If we try to embrace simplicity and practises which bring us back to our core selves – such as Yoga, meditation, simply taking five minutes to breathe – we can put ourselves into a much stronger position to take action.

Courtney Carver, on her fantastic blog ‘Be More With Less’ https://bemorewithless.com/ says: “The remedy to helplessness is action”. I have found so much truth in this lately. If the world’s problems feel too overwhelming to deal with, contributing to the people and community around you will increase your feelings of control, and the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing in whatever small ways.

Simple ways of getting involved and contributing might include:

  • Cooking for, or checking on, an elderly neighbour.
  • Donating food or time to a local food bank.
  • Picking litter from the local environment.
  • Campaigning for change in issues you strongly believe in.

However you get involved, taking action is sure to turn helplessness into hope.

This week’s Yoga pose is Warrior II – one of my all-time favourite poses. It is a strong, powerful pose, which always makes me feel capable of achieving anything. The term ‘Warrior’ shouldn’t be interpreted as a negative; the idea is that you are a strong, compassionate, Warrior, facing challenges and gaining strength from your practise. As with all aspects of Yoga, the idea is of non-violence and compassion.

The Pose: Standing, spread the legs apart about three feet, one foot pointing forwards, one turning slightly inwards. Raise the arms outwards, palms face down, shoulders relaxed. On an inhale, bend the front knee deeply, and turn the head to face the outstretched hand on that side. The waist and centre of the body should remain facing forwards. Breathe. Hold for a count of three deep inhales and exhales through the nose, and repeat on the other side of the body. (See above).

Until next time,





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